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The Venus Factor Review – Is It the Best Female Weight Loss System?

I wanted to have perfect looks for the summer so that I could wear clothes lighter and shapelier clothes with confidence. I decided to use The Venus Factor because it was designed especially for women. In my review, I’ll share my experience with this weight loss program.

Key Things

This is a 12-week program which is designed to help you get rid of the excess fat deposits in your body and includes both diet and exercise. It is based on the Metabolic Override principle for optimizing the female metabolism. Since women tend to have more fat deposits in their body compared to men, I was happy to find a program which is designed to target this weight loss aspect in particular. The author is John Barban who is a nutrition and fitness specialist with a solid background.

I have to mention in my review that The Venus Factor is for women who want to take it more slowly with weight loss for personal or health reasons. It doesn’t give you an accelerated slimming process like the 3 Week Diet, for example. Still, the steady process is often more beneficial.

The Diet Assessed

There are two key things about the weight loss diet included in this program. It is geared towards stimulating the production of leptin, a hormone which is responsible for the natural fat burning in the body. Basically, you get the metabolism boost that you need to lose weight in a natural way. This is something which I appreciate greatly. The other key thing which makes The Venus Factor stand out, in my opinion, is that the diet is subject to great customization, depending on your weight loss goals and lifestyle. In general, it’s very simple to follow because you get a clear idea of what to eat and what not to eat. The meal plans are quite helpful too.

How about the Exercises?

They are also targeted towards speeding up the metabolic processes in the female body. I like them because they work well without being too intensive and without taking too long to perform. I do them at home whenever I have the time and I find it easy to follow the video instructions. You don’t have to spend anything on equipment or gym membership. This is another key thing which I like about The Venus Factor.

Effective and Safe?

I followed the program for 12 weeks as recommended and dropped all the extra pounds which were bothering me. I feel obliged to point out that I didn’t lose any muscle – only fat. In fact, I got the toned arms which I wanted and my tummy was finally flat. I could wear a two-piece swimsuit with confidence. Given all this, I can confidently say that The Venus Factor worked for me. What’s more it worked in a completely safe way. I did not experience any side effects. I believe that the program is safe for women who are generally healthy.

Any Notable Cons?

This program doesn’t give you particularly quick weight loss, but this isn’t necessarily a downside, given that slower slimming is usually healthier. Besides, it is easy to fit into your lifestyle and you can expect to keep the results afterward. You will also get advice on how to keep the results which you have achieved.

The Cost

The program is available for $37. You will get all the digital resources instantly. The DVDs will be shipped to your address, with the cost being included in the total price.

Final Thoughts

Is The Venus Factor worth using? It’s a great program for women because it corresponds to their specific needs and lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to learn more.